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Frequently Asked Questions

After looking at the flexible prices on the “Pricing” page, go to the “Contact” page and find the best method to contact us. After a brief conversation you can pay the agreed upon amount, then send the videos our way. 

When you contact us please supply a detailed description of your video. Specifically: the amount of raw footage you have, the final runtime you are looking for, the type of music and VFX you’re looking for, etc.

It’s also VERY useful when you give us a video example of either a previous video you’ve done, or a similar video that you want your’s to turn out to be.

Yes! We can work out a system where you send us videos once a month, once a week, or even once a day! After ordering 5 videos you will receive 10% off all future videos!

When calling us there’s a chance we can’t pick up. If that’s the case feel free to call back later, text, or email us.

We can usually respond to email and texts within the hour.