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One of our biggest goals is to not only give YouTubers quality, but to give them an affordable price!

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from previous clients.

If you are a YouTuber that finds themself running out of time to make videos, or finds themself running out of ideas to make videos… It’s probably time to hire a video editor.

After looking at the flexible prices on the “Pricing” page, go to the “Contact” page and find the best method to contact us. After a brief conversation you can pay the agreed upon amount, then send the videos our way. 

Yes! We can work out a system where you send us videos once a month, once a week, or even once a day! After ordering 5 videos you will receive 10% off all future videos!

When ordering a video, the amount of raw footage and the projected final runtime will affect the price accordingly. There is no limit to how much raw footage you supply us, or a limit to how long you want your video to be.

Yes! If you need multiple videos done at the same time we can make it work! Just be aware the second video will most likely be delivered a little later than the first one.

TSS Video Editing can edit almost ANY kind of video! Whether that be a Mr. Beast style video, or a Danny Duncan style video. On the “Pricing” page we only have 3 options listed for reference, but the truth is that we can do just about anything!